Why Does Code Signing Matter? – Importance of Code Signing Certificate

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Understanding the importance of Code Signing

software installation

In today’s day and age, most computing devices come with pre-loaded software. Whether we use a personal computer or mobile devices, users are constantly downloading other software to perform various functions or for better functionality. In some other instances, users are asked to upgrade or patch the current software they are using for enhanced features. In this type of scenario, the decision is instant like “Run or Don’t Run,” “Install or Don’t Install,” or “Run or Cancel.”

When these situations such as “Run/Don’t Run” arise it becomes a tricky decision whether to install/download or not. Nowadays, users are more aware of the ongoing security threats such as malware infection, and even Operating Systems are taking precautions and alerts by giving Warning Sign or an Error Message like “Unknown Publisher” to avoid users downloading or installing any unknown, questionable software or other executable files. Due to this, it’s mandatory for software developers to offer secured software products, scripts, codes, and other downloadable executables, or else it can make a negative impact on their reputation.

To these types of questions, such as how to keep up with user trust, Code Signing is the answer.

Code Signed Software helps developers to sign their software or code digitally. A software publisher who digitally verifies their code using Code Signing Certificates issued by a trusted Certificate Authorities gives away a message that their code or software has not been subjected to tampering since it was signed and that it’s safe to use. In return, it helps users to determine whether the software is trustworthy or not before they proceed to download or install it.

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Essential Benefits of Code Signing Certificate


Protects Users

It protects users by notifying them if the software has been altered or tampered with.

Easy to Use

Boost User Confidence

By securing code integrity & verifying publisher identity, users get confidence that software is safe to download or use the software.

Maximize Revenue

Give Boost to Revenue

By proving that your software is genuine and authenticated, you’re making yourself trustworthy. As the usage of your software increases naturally it helps in boosting revenue.

Get Warranty

Builds Reputation

For any new organization, it’s quite challenging to make a good reputation. Here, EV Code Signing Certificate helps you in creating your status as a trusted source to pass Microsoft SmartScreen reputation check.