Refund Policy Refund Policy

If the certificate you purchase does not work as planned or bought by mistake, no need to worry. Any certificate obtained from our website comes with a money back guarantee. At, you can cancel your order and ask for a refund. You will get back your paid amount if it’s within 30-days of the period from the issuance

money back guarantee tries its best to keep up with the latest security standards in a cost-effective manner. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Every code signing certificate bought from here comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Yes, it’s right. The placed order is liable for cancellation as per customer wish in any circumstances & the amount will be credited directly into your account or as a store credit.

Any charges for canceling the order?

No, we do not charge. At, you can cancel your order without being feared for hidden charges.

Do I get a 100% refund?

Yes. Once you apply for canceling the order, you will get 100% refund as it processes, though it should be within 30 days of the period from the date of purchase.

How to cancel the order?

Only send an email regarding cancellation request to Please note to attach an invoice copy along with the cancellation request, which you received at the time of purchase.

In case you have any inquiry about the cancellation process, you can directly ask for help at (contact details).