Code Signing Certificates

Indicate trust and authentication by digitally signing your software, code, applications and boost the confidence of users that the software they are downloading is coming from an organization or a developer who has been verified by a trusted third-party Certificate Authority (CA).


Code Signing Certificates

What are Code Signing Certificates?

Increased Trust & Confidence of Users

Code Signing Certificates are useful for software developers, organizations and especially publishers who distribute through third-party download sites to provide a digital signature for their software programs, applications & drivers. It’s a way of confirming to your users that your software is genuine and it is coming from a reliable source.

Code Signing Certificates ensure that you will not receive any warning or error message during the download or installation process. It’s an ideal solution for securing:

What is Code Signing Certificates?


Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Word



Display drivers, ROM drivers, BIOS driver, USB drivers



Freeware, Shareware, Open Source Software, Utility Software

How do Code Signing Certificates work?

How do Code Signing Certificates work?

Code Signing Certificate Benefits

Authenticity & User Protection

Authenticity & User Protection

By signing your software digitally through globally known and trusted certificate authorities give a sense of assurance that the software or code is genuine and it is developed by a trusted individual or an organization.

Helps Brand Reputation

Helps Brand Reputation

If you’re not a well-established organization, it’s challenging to build the reputation of your company. Through Code Signing Certificates, you will be able to make yourself a trusted source in Microsoft SmartScreen which will help in getting your software or code being downloaded smoothly and professionally without any errors. Ultimately making the reputation of your organization or as an individual.

Increased User Confidence

Increased User Confidence

By protecting the integrity of code and verified identity, you are boosting the confidence of users that it’s safe to download and use your software or code without worrying about any cyberthreat.

Boost Revenue

Boost Revenue

By making yourself authenticated you’re making yourself trustworthy which ultimately supports in downloading and using your software smoothly. As it increases the downloads and usage, revenue will also get a boost.



Multiple Platform Support

Supports a broad range of platforms like Java Applets, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Office & VBA which makes it flexible for users to download and use the software.


Increased Trustworthiness

By giving the smooth and easy process of download and installation, it helps in improving the trustworthiness of software which helps in enhancing brand reputation.


Supported File Formats

Protects multiple file formats such as .exe, .ocx, .msi, .dll in both 32-bit & 64-bit versions and also supports files like .jar, though you will need the latest version of Java installed.


Seamless Integration

Most of all the popular web-browsers accept the commands to download the code or software signed by a trusted third-party Certificate Authority.

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