Individual Code Signing Certificate to Digitally “Shrink Wrap” Code & Avoid Pesky Warnings

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Are you a software programmer who’s working independently? (You’re not an organization, but you develop software and like to secure and distribute your software over the Internet safely as an individual developer). If you’re looking for a solution to secure your code or software, then an Individual Code Signing certificate is the answer.

As the name implies, Code Signing Certificate for Individuals, helps you digitally safeguard your code using a digital signature. It lets your software avoid those unwanted pesky warning messages that state ‘unverified/unknown publisher.’ Plus, it displays your identity to software users while assuring that your software (executable files like .exe, .ocx, .cab, .dll both 32-bit and 64-bit) is credible and coming from a trusted entity, which helps to enhance your reputation as a publisher.

Features & Benefits of Individual Code Signing Certificate

  • Verifies the publisher’s identity as an individual developer using a strong, proven authentication method.
  • Ensures file integrity for an individual developer or publisher.
  • Unlimited signing of software and other executable files.
  • An individual code signing certificate is equivalent to an organization validated code signing certificate.
  • Follows all security requirements to reduce those pesky warning messages faced by users.
  • Time-stamping option for various development cycles.
    Boosts software installs.

Authenticate & Assure

These days the software industry has evolved tremendously. Third-party sites, resellers, and marketers offer many platforms to reach a bigger audience and boost your software downloads. But, these platforms have also given rise to illicit activities such as data tampering and piracy. Hence, users need to identify that the software they’re downloading is coming from a genuine entity.


Comodo Code Signing Certificate helps resolve concerns about piracy or tampering of your software. Especially created for individual software publishers, Comodo Code Signing Certificate for individuals is beneficial for assuring the authenticity and identity of your software whenever a user tries downloading it. Before you can display your name as the verified publisher, Comodo needs you to go through the validation process, which usually takes around 1-3 business days. However, the process is easy, and all the instructional guides, along with customer support, are provided by us.


Protect Software Code

Though this individual code signing certificate issued by Comodo is used for verifying your identity, hash algorithms are used for file integrity verification. Whenever you sign your software code or other executable files, it generates a unique hash. And, whenever your customer tries downloading that signed software, their browser re-hashes the same hash value to compare against the original has, verifying that the downloaded software is safe to use.

No More Unwanted Pesky Warning Messages

Do you know what makes users run away from downloading your software? Put simply, those unwanted, annoying browser warning messages. Try to look it from your user’s perspective, would you like to download anything if you’re not sure who the publisher is and whether it’s safe or not? Most likely, you won’t. That’s the reason why displaying your identity as the publisher with an Individual Code Signing certificate is of the utmost importance.


Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.



Windows 7, 8 & 10

Adobe Air

Applications of Adobe Air

Java Applets

Java Applets

Object files of Mozilla

Object files of Mozilla

Microsoft software

Microsoft software formats including 32 & 64 bit like

  • Kernel Software
  • XAF Files
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications

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