Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Secure your Scripts & Executables with Digital Signature

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is an OV (Organization Validated) certificate that provides a digital signature for various files, drivers, firmware, scripts & applications. It comes with all the latest security standards which help in maintaining trust.

Like any other available code signing certificates, Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is also one of the widely trusted & affordable certificates which assist in securing the lifecycle of the software by making it authenticate and trustworthy to users. Applications or codes signed by it gives an indication of being verified and notify users if it has tampered in any way or form.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate
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Ensure Integrity

Works as a digital shrink wrap for software which makes it trustworthy.
Reduce Cost of Maintaining Code

Reduce Cost of Maintaining Code

Helps in reducing the maintenance cost as it offers free timestamping
Supports Major Formats

Supports Major Formats

It supports major formats like .exe, cab., .dll, .xpi, .xap, Adobe Air, VBA, Mozilla Objects in both 32-bit/64-bit

Features & Benefits

Features & benefits of Sectigo Code Signing Certificates are,

Safety for Application or Software

The digital signature works like a shrink wrap which gives a message of being trusted & reliable.

Server Licensing

Offers unlimited server licensing.

Platform Support

Supported by all the popular platforms such as Java, Adobe, Mozilla object files.

Reduced Warnings

Helps in lowering unwanted warning messages almost to null.


Recognized by all the major web browsers and operating system.

Increased Brand Reputation

Recognition & trustworthiness improve brand reputation.

Assurance & Authenticity

Being a software developer, you are aware that to run a device smoothly or enhance the user experience one or the other extra application is readily available. But the question arises is that the user might trust the application or not. To overcome this situation digitally signing the application through code signing certificates is the best solution. Sectigo code signing certificates help in building a strong reputation of the organization or as an individual by signing applications and other different executable files, codes, scripts that support in making it trustworthy to users by preventing it from warning messages while downloading or installing.

Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.

Supported Platforms

Adobe Air

Adobe Air applications


Windows 7, 8 & 10

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office Macro or VBA


Different file formats like .exe, .cab, .dll


Java Applets

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight applications

Why Choose Sectigo

Sectigo (formerly Comodo), is one of the globally known Certificate Authority for its latest web-security standards & proven record of satisfying several businesses across the globe. Whether you’re an enterprise or an individual Sectigo offers the best multi-layered security solutions & services. In today’s growing digital market, Sectigo likes to standout by staying committed to delivering the highest security standards through its diverse range of workforce.

How SECTIGO Code Signing Certificates work?

How do Code Signing Certificates work?


Had a problem to install the certificate on my java applet and the support team was responsive as they gave me a quick solution.
Paulin Périer

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Provide digital signature for various files, drivers, firmware, scripts & applications which helps in maintaining customer trust.