Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Authenticate Your Software and Apps with a Leading CA

The Sectigo Code Signing Certificate allows you to digitally sign your apps and software programs, so that users know your software files are legit and your code has not been altered. With your digital signature – your apps, software and drivers will trigger fewer warning messages when end-users download your product. The Sectigo Code Signing Certificate also protects your users, product and in turn your brand reputation by notifying you/them if your code has been altered.

This is an Organization Validated (OV) code signing certificate, which will keep your validation process down to just 1-3 days! You can also get this code signing certificate issued with your personal name if you’re an individual software developer.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate
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  • Digitally sign drivers and softwareDigitally sign drivers and software
  • Issues in one to three days Issues in one to three days
  • Reduces warning messagesReduces warning messages

Features & Benefits of Sectigo Code Signing

Features & benefits of Sectigo Code Signing Certificates are,

A Trusted CA

This code signing certificate is recognized by all the major web browsers and operating systems, which means you will see a decrease in warning messages.

Improve Download Rates & Brand Reputation

With the reduction of warning messages associated with your apps and software, you are sure to see an uptick in download rates and brand reputation.

Maintains Signatures After Expiration

After your Sectigo Code Signing Certificate expires, your file signatures will remain valid with the timestamp feature. Users will still know your code was signed with a valid certificate.

Meets Industry Standards

With a top brand like Sectigo, you never have to worry, because this code signing certificate meets or exceeds all NIST and CA/Browser Forum authentication standards.

Supported by All Major Platforms

Supported by all the popular platforms you know and love. This includes Java, Adobe, Mozilla object files – just to name a few.

Supports Major Formats

The Sectigo Code Signing Certificate supports all major formats, including exe, cab., .dll, .xpi, .xap, Adobe Air, VBA, Mozilla Objects in both 32-bit/64-bit.

OV vs. EV Code Signing

While the OV Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is an excellent product that is sure to reduce warning messages and offers a 1–3 day validation process, the extended validation (EV) Sectigo Code Signing Certificate offers several additional benefits. The most notable benefit is its ability to build trust with the notoriously pesky Microsoft SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter.

code signing and provisoning

Supported Platforms

Adobe Air

Adobe Air applications


Windows 7, 8 & 10

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office Macro or VBA


Different file formats like .exe, .cab, .dll


Java Applets

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight applications



Globally Recognized CA

years of experience

Decades of Experience

customer support

24/7 Customer Support


36% of Fortune 1000 Use Them

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