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The Most Trusted Code Signing Authority

Trusted by 89% of the Fortune 500, DigiCert is in a league of their own. With a 1-day validation process, it’s not hard to see why DigiCert is so highly regarded. Code signing certificates are all about building trust and certainty with end-users, so why not use the most trusted code signing authority!

With your DigiCert Code Signing Certificate, you can digitally sign apps, drivers, and software programs. This digital signature ensures users know they are downloading from an authenticated source. By using your digital signature, you will also be notified if the code has been tampered with.

The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate will reduce warning messages as well. So, end-users will see a trustworthy visual indicator instead of a warning message when installing your product…

Digicert Code Signing Certificate
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  • Digitally sign drivers and softwareDigitally sign drivers and software
  • Usually issues in one business day Usually issues in one business day
  • Reduces warning messagesReduces warning messages
without code signing
with Code Signing

Features & Benefits

You will enjoy these premium features and benefits with your DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Smoother & Faster Validation Process

With a more streamlined process (including the ability to pre-validate organizations), you can complete validation in as little as a few hours, while other CAs can take 4-5 days.


24/7 Global Support Team

DigiCert’s award-winning customer support team is always there for speedy assistance to get your certificate issued so you can start signing files.

Reduce Warning Messages

Get rid of “Unknown Publisher” warnings and other error message popups that can scare off new users when they’re trying to install your software.

Improve Download Rates

By reducing annoying warning messages, you are sure to see a jump in download rates, installations, user trust, and brand reputation.

Protect Your Users

Your digital signature will let users know they are safe to download your product AND let them/you know if the code has been tampered with.

Unlimited Signing

There is no limit to the amount of software, apps and drivers you can sign with your digital signature. Sign unlimited files with no extra fees!

Supported by All Major Platforms & File Formats

If you can think of a file format or platform, they most likely support this code signing certificate. File formats include cab, .exe, .dll, .xap, .xpi, just to name a few.

Remain Trustworthy After Expiration

With the DigiCert timestamp feature, users will always know that your code was signed with a valid certificate. This means your signature is still 100% valid after expiration.

Show Potential Partners You Value Trust

Impress potential partners and come prepared to meet their requirements with a code signing certificate from the top certificate authority, DigiCert.

DigiCert Code Signing is Trusted By…

Thanks to faster validation and globally trusted certificates, DigiCert Code Signing is the #1 choice for top software publishers, including:

1-Day Validation

With DigiCert, the code signing certificate validation process is quicker, smoother and more streamlined. With the need for less forms and the ability to pre-validate your organization, you can usually complete validation in a single day! Many CAs need up to 4 or 5 days to validate new certificate orders. Once your certificate is issued, you can also simplify the certificate installation process with the DigiCert Certificate Utility tool. With this tool you can export your Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificate to other Windows workstations.

One DayValidation



Microsoft Authenticode


Java files and applets


Apple applications

Adobe Air

Adobe AIR files


Most Trusted Certificate Authority

Most Trusted Certificate Authority

Decades of Experience

Decades of Experience


Faster Validation & Issuance

PKI Solutions

Industry-Leading PKI Solutions

24/7 Award-Winning Customer Support

24/7 Award-Winning Customer Support

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