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Removes SmartScreen warnings? No

Unknown Publisher warning

Removes Unknown Publisher warnings? Yes

Issuance Time

Time it takes to issue: 1-4 days

  • Streamlined validation—get your certificate faster!
  • Wide platform support and compatibility.
  • DigiCert is the #1 CA, chosen by 89% of Fortune 500 organizations.

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DigiCert Code Signing Highlights

Removes Unknown Publisher warnings on WindowsRemoves Unknown Publisher warnings on Windows

USB KeyIssued by the #1 commercial certificate authority

Fast ValidationGet your certificate faster with automated validation

Antivirus Security WarningsRemoves OS, browser, and antivirus security warnings


Note: Starting in May 2023, new industry requirements from the CA/B Forum require that all code signing certificate keys are stored on an HSM or compliant hardware token. If you have any questions about the new code signing requirements, our support team is happy to help!

Remove Untrusted Publisher Warnings

Don’t let security warnings scare your users away from installing your software

Whenever a Microsoft Windows users tries to install unsigned software, they’ll get an “Unknown Publisher” security warning. Software publishers can get rid of this warning by digitally signing their code with a DigiCert Code Signing certificate.

Why Choose DigiCert?

Trusted CA

Most Trusted Certificate Authority

Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Used by 89% of Fortune 500 Companies

Fastest Validation

Fastest Validation & Issuance in the Industry

Industry-Leading PKI Expertise

Industry-Leading PKI Expertise & Solutions

Customer Support

24/7 Award-Winning Customer Support

Top Software Publishers

Top Software Publishers Choose DigiCert Code Signing

DigiCert is the certificate authority of choice for 89% of Fortune 500 organizations thanks to industry-leading PKI, 24/7 global support, and faster validation times. That’s why DigiCert has been chosen to sign products from top software publishers like Google, Adobe, Oracle, Norton, Github and Avast.

Features and Benefits for All Standard (OV) Code Signing Certificates

Download Certificate Secure Private Key Storage

Both the certificate and private key will be delivered to you on a secure USB device, ensuring your private key is safe from outside hands.

Reduce Warning Messages Reduce Warning Messages

Get rid of “Unknown Publisher” warnings and other error message popups that can scare off new users when they’re trying to install your software.

Protect Your Users Protect Your Users

Your digital signature will let users know they can safely download your product AND it will let them know if the code is legitimate or has been tampered with.

Increase Software Installs Increase Software Installs

By removing annoying warning messages, you are sure to see a jump in download rates, installations, user trust, and brand reputation.

Industry-Standard Encryption Industry-Standard Encryption

The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate uses an encrypted digital signature and SHA2 hashing to securely identify and authenticate your file.

Organization Details Shows Your Organization Details

Assure users that your software is genuine and authentic by displaying your company name in the Microsoft Windows install confirmation.

Meets Industry Standards Meets Industry Standards

Every DigiCert certificate meets or exceeds industry standards (in fact, DigiCert is leading the effort to evolve industry standards to stay ahead of the curve).

Signatures Won’t Expire Signatures Won’t Expire

Use DigiCert’s included timestamp feature to ensure that your signed files remain fully valid even after your certificate expires—so your users won’t see any warning messages

Supported by All Major Platforms Supported by All Major Platforms

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Java, Adobe, Mozilla, and many other popular software platforms and environments.

Wide Filetype Support Wide Filetype Support

The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate supports a wide variety of file formats (32-bit & 64-bit), including exe, cab, dll, xpi, xap, and more.

Unlimited File Signing Unlimited File Signing

Sign as many files as you want, whenever you want—there are no limits or fees based on the number of files or devices you use.

Flexible Options Flexible Options for Key Storage

DigiCert will generate and store your key and certificate on a USB token, or you can use your own token/HSM.

DigiCert Code Signing Features and Benefits

The Industry Leader The Industry Leader in Digital Trust

DigiCert is leading the way into the future—creating new security standards with IETF, W3C, ASCX9, PCI Council, SAE, NIST, CA/Browser Forum, and other groups.

Streamlined Validation Process Streamlined Validation Process

DigiCert has automated and streamlined many parts of the validation process, which means you can get your certificate issued more quickly, with less time and hassle.

Secures 89% of Fortune 500 Companies Secures 89% of Fortune 500 Companies

DigiCert is the CA of choice for 89% of Fortune 500 companies and 97% of the top global banks, thanks to DigiCert’s dependable, compliant, trusted PKI.

Minimal Paperwork Requirements Minimal Paperwork Requirements

You’ll have to complete less paperwork, thanks to DigiCert’s streamlined validation process that automates many steps.

Smart Screen

Will Remove SmartScreen Warnings?: No

Delivery Method

Delivery Method: Physical Mail

Issuance Time

Issuance Time:1-4 Days

Publisher Warning

Will Remove Unknown Publisher Warnings?: Yes

Private Key

Private Key: Stored on an external physical device

Supported Platforms:

win pane

Microsoft Authenticode

win pane

Microsoft Windows



adobe air logo

Adobe Air


Microsoft Silverlight


Mozilla Object files

win pane

Microsoft software formats (32 & 64 bit) including:

  • Microsoft Office & VBA

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