Cheap Code Signing Certificates

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Digitally Sign Your Software and Executable With Comodo Code Signing Certificate



Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Show Trust & Integrity With the Globally Known CAs Code Signing Certificate


Protect Your Software Integrity and Reputation With an Insanely Cheap Code Signing Certificate

Code signing certificates come in handy for signing and adding digital signatures to your applications, code, and executable files. Understandably, many people hesitate to download or install any app that shows warning messages, which could be caused for a variety of reasons (such as the software company or developer is new and not popular). Also, day-to-day online threats are making browsers and operating systems demand to confirm the identity of the organization/developer that publishes software.

Due to such scenarios, code signing certificates are a valuable part of the software development cycle, as they help to make software and other executable files trustworthy to end-users. Whether you’re an individual developer or new organization who has just started, signing your applications using basic, cheap code signing certificate provided by globally trusted third-party Certificate Authorities (CA’s) like the below is essential (and affordable, even for small publishers).

Most Popular Code Signing Certificates

A code signing certificate will give a boost to your software, as users will have a smooth experience without any scary warning sign (eg. “the developer of the software is unknown and can’t be trusted”) which is of utmost importance for the success of any application or software.

Basic and Cheap Code Signing Certificates Are a Great Starting Point

If you’re an individual developer or a software organization that doesn’t yet have a large user base, then a basic and cheap code signing certificate provided by Certificate Authorities like Comodo, Sectigo, or Thawte will be a great option for you. Ultimately, both basic (OV) code signing certificates and EV Code signing certificates offer similar things – signing scripts, drivers, software and other executable files through x.509 certificates which come signed by a trusted root, but there’s a difference, primarily in the issuance process.

Supported Platforms By Code Signing Certificates



Supports applications based on Microsoft platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Azure.


Compatible with Java applications like signing .jar files or Netscape Object Signing.

Adobe Air

Supports Adobe Air based applications.


Helpful for signing MacOS 9, OSX and Mac Software.

Office & VBA

Useful for signing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and MS Office Macro.

Mozilla Firefox

Helpful for digitally signing Firefox objects and Mozilla XPI packages.

Microsoft Silverlight

Compatible with XAF files and Microsoft Silverlight applications.

Microsoft Authenticode

Offers compatibility for multiple file formats like .dll, .exe, .cab, .ocx in both 32-bit & 64-bit versions.

Why Get a Code Signing Certificate From Third-Party Certificate Authorities?

  • Maximum distribution of your software and application
  • Reduction of scary warnings
  • Protects the integrity of your software and application code
  • Safe and secure experience to users
  • Compatible with different platforms like Windows, Java, Adobe, Mozilla Firefox

Save 63%

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $69/yr.

Comodo, the biggest name of the industry, offers code signing certificates for 32-bit or 64-bit software, supported with the latest algorithms like RSA. The combined technology of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and digital certificates help users identify the publisher of the app and ensure that the software file hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.

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sectigo logo

Save 55%

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $82.67/yr.

The largest web security solutions provider and commercial CA (Certificate Authority), Sectigo, offers a cheap code signing certificate which helps give assurance to users that the software and applications they’re installing or downloading are coming from a trustworthy software publisher and it’s the same one whose name is mentioned on the certificate.

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