Code Signing Certificates

Protect Your Software with Code Signing Certificates from the World’s Most Trusted CAs

Code signing certificates help show end-users that your software/apps/drivers are safe to download and install. As you might imagine, this helps improve your install rates, brand reputation, and partnerships. Code signing certificates do this by enabling you to authenticate yourself or your organization with trusted certificate authorities (CAs).

By digitally signing your executable files with your code signing certificate, users will know that the software they’re installing actually came from you AND that the file has not been tampered with. In addition, your users won’t see “unknown publisher” warning messages when they’re downloading or installing your software.

Digitally sign drivers and software

Reduces warning messages

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Save upto 58% on Standard Code Signing Certificates

Brand Years Price/Year Vendor Price/Year Total Buy Now
digicert-small-logoDigiCert Code Signig
sectigo-small-logoSectigo Code Signing
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All Certificates Include: 100% Money Back Guarantee 24/7 Expert Support Lowest Price Guarantee Unlimited Signing Free Reissues

Standard code signing certificates are available as organization validated (for companies) or individual validated (for individual software developers). These certificates will remove the “Unknown Publisher” warning in Windows:

Unknown Publisher

Save 20% on EV Code Signing Certificates

Brand Years Price/Year Vendor Price/Year Total Buy Now
digicert-small-logoDigiCert EV Code Signing
sectigo-small-logoSectigo EV Code Signing
comodo-small-logoComodo EV Code Signing
All Certificates Include: 100% Money Back Guarantee 24/7 Expert Support Lowest Price Guarantee Unlimited Signing Free Reissues

Stop Microsoft SmartScreen Errors

EV Code Signing Certificates do everything Standard Code Signing Certificates do, plus they provide instant trust with Microsoft SmartScreen to get rid of this warning.

Windows protected your PC

Standard Code Signing vs EV Code Signing

Purchasing and signing your software with a standard code signing certificate is sure to improve security, trust, download rates, and brand reputation. However, there is a more powerful upgrade available – extended validation (EV) code signing certificates.

Let’s compare the two:

EV Code Signing Certificate Benefits

With an EV code signing certificate, you get two major advantages.

1. Build trust with Microsoft SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter – This pesky filter can cause a lot of headaches for software publishers. You can eliminate SmartScreen warning messages with an EV code signing certificate while the OV code signing certificate will take longer to build trust.

2. Better protection – EV code signing certificates use two-factor authentication (password and encrypted USB token). This offers better security over your private key and in turn, for your business and users.

3. More Control – You can install your EV Code Signing Certificate on an HSM, which allows you to have the control to choose which employees have the ability to sign code with it.

Standard Code Signing Certificate Benefits

With a standard code signing certificate, you get a few advantages as well:

1. More Affordable – If you feel that a standard code signing certificate is a better choice for you, then you can have peace of mind knowing that you are saving money on your purchase.

2. More Flexible – You can get a standard code signing certificate as organization validated (OV) or individual validated (IV). This means the option is available for both an organization or for individual software developers, which the EV does not offer.

3. Still Effective – Yes, you are saving money, but you are not getting an inadequate product. A standard code signing certificate will still reduce warning messages, build trust with users and continue to build more trust and build up your brand reputation over time.

DigiCert Product Comparison

Let’s take a look at two of our most popular code signing certificates – these are from the #1 CA in the world, DigiCert!

Main Features Standard Code Signing EV Code Signing
1-Year Price $404.00 $566.00
2-Year Price (Per Year) $377.50 $530.50
3-Year Price (Per Year) $374.67 $524.67
Issues In 0-3 Days 0-3 Days
Encrypted Digital Signature yes-icon yes-icon
Unlimited Signing yes-icon yes-icon
Free Reissues yes-icon yes-icon
24/7 Expert Support yes-icon yes-icon
More Rigorous Extended Validation Process no-icon yes-icon
Instant Trust with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter no-icon yes-icon
Two-Factor Authentication no-icon yes-icon

Benefits of Using a Code Signing Certificate

Reason 1: When downloading, end-users will see this…

with code signing allow app to make changes
without code signing app has been blocked

Reason 2: Know if your code has been altered.

Injecting malware, adware, or other nefarious code into legitimate software is a favorite tactic of many hackers. Code signing helps you avoid this type of attack. That’s right—think of your digital signature as a digital seal and if that seal is broken, you know something is wrong!

Reason 3: You will be ahead of the game with potential partnerships.

Many companies require publishers to have a code signing certificate before doing business with them. Show up prepared with a code signing certificate from a top CA!

Features & Benefits

Code Signing Certificates offer unique features and benefits like assurance & authenticity to customers and support with multiple platforms.

Trusted CA

This code signing certificate is recognized by all the major web browsers and operation systems, which mean you will see a decrease in warning messages.


Meets Industry Standards

You never have to worry, because this Code Signing Certificate meets or exceds all NIST and CA/Browser Forum authentication standards.

Improve Download Rates & Brand Reputation

With the reduction of warning messages associated with your apps and software, your are sure to see an uptick in download rates and brand reputation.

Supported by All Major Platforms

Supported by all the popular platforms you know and love. This includes Java, Adobe, Mozilla object files – just to name a few.

Maintains Signatures After Expiration

After your Code Signing Certificate expires, your file signatures will remain valid with the timestamp feature. Users will still know your code was signed with a valid certificate.

Supports Major Formats

Code Signing Certificate supports all major formats, including exe, cab, .dll, xpi, .xap, Adobe Air , VBA, Mozilla Objects in both 32-bit/64-bit.

Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.

Supported Platforms


Windows 7, 8 & 10

Adobe Air

Applications of Adobe Air


Java Applets


Object files of Mozilla

Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft software formats including 32 & 64 bit like

  • Kernel Software
  • XAF Files
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications

Code Signing FAQ

Q: What is Code Signing?

A: It refers to the process of signing a file, software or executable with a digital signature. The purpose of this is so the authenticity of the publisher can be verified prior to download/installation.

Q: What is EV Code Signing?

A: It generally works the same as standard code signing, except the user will go through an extended validation (EV) process that is more rigorous. Because of going through this additional vetting, you usually receive greater trust with download filters as well as better features with your purchase.

Q: How Do I Get a Code Signing Certificate?

A: By purchasing one from a CA. You can do this right here on! We have IV, OV and EV code signing certificates from many of the top CAs in the world.

Q: How Do I Get an EV Code Signing Certificate?

A: By purchasing one from a trusted CA and then going through the extended validation process.

Q: Do I Need a Code Signing Certificate?

A: If you want to publish software and intend to have users who may not be familiar with your business download it, then yes. Even for users who are familiar with you, a code signing certificate will give them the assurance that the software is indeed coming from you.

Q: Are EV Code Signing Certificates Worth It?

A: It really depends on the amount you want to spend. They are more expensive than a OV or IV code signing certificate. However, you get the additional features like instantly building trust with the Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation filter.

Q: Which CA Should I Buy a Code Signing Certificate From?

When it comes to the CAs listed here on, you can’t go wrong. Every CA you’ll find here is globally trusted, offers a secure and sound product, and includes excellent features. It really comes down to price and which benefits/features matter to you.


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