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Boost Software Downloads

Boosting Software/Application Adoption Is a Challenging Task – Here Are 6 Tips That Can Help

You’ve built your software/application. Designing and icons, everything looks good, and it’s working fine on all devices. Even the niche is unexplored and competition-free. Yet, the downloads of software/applications are stalled, and there’s no improvement.

It’s not your mistake, but it’s a fact that adaptation and downloads of software by users is one of the biggest challenges for new vendors. Fortunately, there are many ways to boost software/application downloads. Below are some of the tactics which may help to increase the downloads of your software and improve the results you get from your promotion efforts.

1. Proper Name and Description

A well-researched title can make a whole lot of difference between a person who knows about your application and someone who says “I have this application or software installed.”

Use a name for your software or application which will stick into people’s heads instantly. Here are some tactics for coming up with an appropriate name:

  • Never use an existing name used by other software. Do proper research – if you publish using a name copied from someone else, you might end up having an appointment with a lawyer.
  • Keep a short and simple name, which is easy to spell and memorable.
  • Put in your best effort to find a name that reflects what your application or software is about and how it will fit the needs of users.

2. Digitally Sign Your Software/Application Using Code Signing

One of the most important steps after creating software or an application is to digitally sign it using a trusted code signing certificate. It’s essential to confirm that the publisher or developer of the software is genuine, and it works as a guarantee that the code has not been tampered or corrupted since it was signed.

Some of the benefits you can expect besides the boost in downloads are:

  • Increased revenue and distribution of an app or software
  • Protects the reputation and integrity of your software and organization
  • Seamless user experience without exhibiting any installation or download warning message

3. Compelling Content

Creating relevant and compelling content may boost software downloads. Content can be in many forms, such as online articles on your website, sponsored content, infographics, videos, etc. Choose a content type that’s a good fit for the habits of your target users. For instance, creating videos of gaming applications for showing how great the visuals and gameplay are or sharing user-generated content can build a community as well as impress users.

Track certain metrics like:

  • Search engine ranking
  • Number of social shares
  • Number of organic referrals

4. Social Media Presence

Content is driven by social media, and a strong online presence can make a positive impact and also help grow your app with new potential customers. Keep the tone of your voice consistent across your content and social profiles. For instance, if your app is edgy, then there’s no need to use formal business language. On the other hand, if it’s targeted towards young professionals, then business-speak might work well.

Likewise, any given audience tends to spend more time on one platform compared to others, so keeping a record of your user demographics can prove useful.

Do more than sharing sale pitches over social media platforms, so the user stays interested: respond to followers, and ask them to share their opinions, and post interesting content to show that you care about them and their opinions matter.

Track certain metrics such as:

  • Follower count
  • Number of social shares

5. Crash-Free App/Software

Before publishing your software or app, it’s critical to vigorously test it. So you as the developer can identify if there are any potential problems and resolve them before the software or app goes public. Users tend to share their grievances online so, if you happen to find any bugs for your application, it’s better to act on it by acknowledging it and fixing the problem immediately, so it doesn’t crash or create a problem again.

6. Reviews

Reviews can make or break any business: they’ve always been an essential part of the buying process. Raising the visibility of your software is one part of getting an increase in downloads. But once the user finds your software, good reviews are important to show users that your software isvaluable and reliable enough for them to download. User reviews should be encouraged – but also be careful not to overdo it by sending too many notifications as that may end up alienating your audience.

Moreover, reviews also give an excellent opportunity for engagement with users. If there are suggestions or complaints, respond to them and show them you pay attention to their feedback. Responding to reviews and showing you care about user feedback can boost software downloads.

Important metrics to track are

  • Total number of top reviews
  • Total number of reviews

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