Why Code Signing Badge Is Beneficial for Increased Software & Application Downloads

Why Code Signing Badge Is Beneficial for Increased Software & Application Downloads

For any website, generally, there are two ways to boost download volumes. First, getting more visitors and turning those visitors into sales funnel. And, another one is to get more conversion rate through check out page by increasing revenue and customers from the regular website traffic.

There’re other ways to increase conversion rate, too. For instance, adding testimonials on your site, making the change in pricing, coupon codes if you’ve any, even making checkout button or whole website more attractive. But, there’s one more important thing, which shouldn’t be missed, its putting code signing badge on the main pages of the website, which helps in assuring users that the website is safe and secure to deal for software downloads.

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What’s a Code Signing Badge?

Codes signing badges are a symbol or say seal, which is placed on the website, often provided by a trusted third party. It ensures users that the website is legit, and the software/application provided by that website is safe.

In other words, a code signing badge is one type of visual stamp kept on a website that indicates the site is secured. It helps users in ensuring that the identity of the site owner is authentic, which helps users understand that the software/application provided by the site is secure with the latest encryption and other security standards. And, it’s shared by the owner of the website itself.

Why Code Signing Badge?

Visible trust indicators help improve user experience on the website, and this code signing badge is one of those. It helps in boosting software/application download, increased use of the services provided by the site, and sharing of sensitive information by the users—for example, credit card details. Ultimately, complete transactions, increased revenue, new signups, and much more.

Do Code Signing Badges Work?

Yes, code signing badges works as it’s intended to. Even the study done by Baymard Institute, says that these trust badges are helpful to boost user confidence, which helps in preventing situations like not completing the transaction.

How to Get a Code Signing Badge on My Website?

Once you sign up, simply add the below-given code to the sidebar or footer of the website

code signing badge

<div class=”siteseal” style=”text-align:center”> <div class=”siteseal-img”> <a href=”https://codesigningstore.com” ><img src=”https://codesigningstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/code-signing-badge.jpg” alt=”Code Signer Badge” /></a> </div> </div>

Where to Place Code Signing Badges?

Usually, at two main places of the website, this code signing badge is added. First, the checkout page is quite common. It helps in boosting user confidence, which helps in preventing shopping cart abandonment. Mostly, placing code signing badge near the checkout button is quite preferable so, users can see it easily. Another is the landing page, where the personal information of the users is asked. Also, placing it near the call call-to-action (CTA) is preferable.

Closing Thoughts

A growing number of security threats and data breaches had made users aware of online dangers, which makes them cautious while submitting personal information online. It doesn’t matter whether it’s any sensitive information like credit card details or simply their name and email address.

Moreover, if your website offers software/application, then adding this code signing badge will prove beneficial. Also, there’re high chances that this one small image can make a meaningful difference in conversion rates, which helps you generate more revenue.