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OV Code Signing Vs. EV Code Signing: What’s the Difference?

Whether it’s an OV Code Signing Certificate or EV Code Signing Certificate, both offer the same thing – signing software, scripts, drivers or any other executable files using x.509 based certificates which are attached to a trusted root. Even, Microsoft and the CA/B forum keep separate guidelines on how EV & OV Code Signing Certificates must be issued. Let’s find the difference between OV Code Signing vs EV Code Signing certificate.

Difference between OV Code Signing Certificate & EV Code Signing Certificate

OV Code Signing CertificateEV Code Signing Certificate
The software reputation will be built organically as the files/software downloads increases. So, your software won’t get instant recognition in a Microsoft SmartScreen reputation scanner.Offers an instant recognition with Microsoft SmartScreen reputation scanner. So, it’s a guarantee that users won’t see an unknown publisher warning “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?” message if the software is signed with EV Code Signing Certificate.
Certificates must be stored on a compliant HSM or USB token.Certificates must be stored on a compliant HSM or USB token.
Can be used for signing drivers preceding Windows 10 versions.Required if you want to sign Windows 10 Kernel Mode drivers.
Issuance time can go from 1 to 3 days.Issuance time can be from anywhere between 1 to 5 days.
Compare OV Code SigningCompare EV Code Signing
One thing is common though, both OV & EV Code Signing Certificates can be used on every platform including all the popular web-browsers.

OV Code Signing Certificate or EV Code Signing Certificate: Which one to Choose?

OV Code Signing Certificates are good to go, if you have launched your software for the testing purpose such as to know how well it works with users or you’re a software developer as an individual and does not affect you intensely if it takes time to build up the reputation based upon its downloads and usage.

Whereas EV Code Signing is essential if an organization is looking to sign Windows 10 kernel mode drivers or earning the trust of software users is utmost important to your company. It’s advisable to use EV Code Signing Certificate, as using this certificate those SmartScreen reputation checker warning or any browser warning will never be an issue.

Certificate AuthorityComodoComodo
Certificate TypeOV Code SigningEV Code Signing
Validation TypeBusiness ValidationExtended Validation
Multiple year optionsyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Cheapest Ever Price$211.46/Yr$277.71/Yr
Encryption strength256-Bit SHA-2256-Bit SHA-2
Issuance Time1-3 Days1-5 Days
Immediate Reputation with Microsoft’s SmartScreen Filterno-redcross-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Two-factor Authenticationno-redcross-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Microsoft Authenticode Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Android Apps Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Apple OS X Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Java Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Microsoft Office VBA Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Adobe Air Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Windows Vista x64 Kernel Mode Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Windows Phone Apps Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Qualcomm Brew App Signingyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Microsoft Office Document Securityyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Free Re-issuanceyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Support Optionsyes-tickmark-iconyes-tickmark-icon
Refund Policy30-Days30-Days
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