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EV Code Signing Certificate Comparison: Comodo vs Sectigo

Signing your executable file, software, code with an EV Code Signing Certificate is one of the best decisions you can make as a software publisher or developer. As EV Code Signing is the only certificate that goes through the extensive vetting process to check the identity of the organization or the applicant who applied for it before it gets issued. In return it provides the advantage of eliminating the Microsoft SmartScreen warning message instantly which helps in boosting the user confidence as well as revenue.

Go through the below EV code signing comparison table and learn the difference among them. For example, how it differs in price, supported platforms, and much more.

Comodo vs DigiCert vs Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Main FeaturesComodo EV Code SigningDigiCert EV Code SigningSectigo EV Code Signing
Certificate Authoritycomodo-logo
Certificate TypeEVEVEV
Validation TypeExtended ValidationExtended ValidationExtended Validation
Multiple year optionsyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Lowest Price$277.71/yr$524.67/yr$277.71/yr
Verified PublisherYour Company NameYour Company NameYour Company Name
Encryption strength256-Bit SHA-2256-Bit SHA-2256-Bit SHA-2
Issuance Time1-5 DaysInstant1-5 Days
Two-factor Authenticationyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Immediate Reputation with Microsoft’s SmartScreen Filteryes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Microsoft Authenticode Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Android Apps Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Apple OS X Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Java Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Microsoft Office VBA Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Adobe Air Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Microsoft Windows x64 Kernel Mode Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Windows Phone Apps Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Qualcomm Brew App Signingyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Microsoft Office Document Securityyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Support Optionsyes-iconyes-iconyes-icon
Refund Policy30-Days30-Days30-Days