Digitally Sign & Hash Your Executables & Scripts with Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates.

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Software development has evolved to such new heights, that using Microsoft Authenticode signing for software isn’t limited to big software companies. It’s become a basic need for any software publisher. Authenticode is the Code Signing technology for Microsoft Windows which is used by software developers for signing their code, scripts, and other executable files. Not only that, a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing certificate ensures the user that your software hasn’t been tampered with since its signing, and the publisher of the software is verified and trustworthy, which helps in avoiding those pesky warning messages users come across that drive away conversions.

Features & Benefits of Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

  • Provides security for 32 and 64-bit kernel mode and user mode software through a digital signature.
  • Supports SHA-2 Secure Hash Algorithm fully.
  • Supports Microsoft Silverlight applications.
  • Best option for Plug-ins, ActiveX controls, and other executable files.
  • Unlimited signing.
  • It offers time stamping for every signature.
  • Abides by all security requirements which are needed to reduce or eliminate most warning messages.

Confirm Integrity of Your Software

At the time of the signing process, your software is hashed using the secure SHA-2 hashing algorithm used by the Authenticode Code Signing certificate. This produces a unique hash value to identify the file. Once your software is signed and published, whenever the user tries downloading it, their browser will re-hash the software, and if it gives the same hash value, it’ll allow the download. If the hash doesn’t match, that means the software has been tampered with and it’ll give a warning message that it’s not trusted.


Avoid Pesky Warnings

Nothing is a bigger turnoff than if a user tries downloading the software and their browser shows a pesky warning message that it’s not from a trusted source. Think about it, would you like to download any software if it makes you suspicious whether it may harm your computer?However, if you’ve signed your software using an Authenticode Code Signing certificate, it’ll help avoid such warnings.

Trust Authentication & Assurance

In the realms of online business, trust plays one of the most important roles. Without user trust, it’s sure you’ll be heading towards disaster. To achieve wide use of your software, Microsoft Authenticode signing certificate helps to build trust and integrity of your software and assures users about your identity, which is needed for the success of software.


Validate Publishers Identity

To get a Microsoft Authenticode Code signing certificate, you’ll need to go through certain validation processes where your Microsoft Code Signing certificate provider (like Sectigo) asks for certain information like your organization’s registration information. This entire process takes a few days to complete but no need to worry, if you’re a legit organization with publicly available updated records, it’ll be completed without any delays. Also, here at CodeSigningStore, we offer instructional guides and support services from our experts to make your process flawless and easy.


Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.



Windows 7, 8 & 10

Adobe Air

Applications of Adobe Air

Java Applets

Java Applets

Object files of Mozilla

Object files of Mozilla

Microsoft software

Microsoft software formats including 32 & 64 bit like

  • Kernel Software
  • XAF Files
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications

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