Digitally Sign JAR Files & Applets Using Java Code Signing Certificates

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Are you a Java developer who builds desktop and mobile device applications within the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)? If you are, then you might already know how important it is for developers to prove their identity to the users due to increased malicious activities, and how browsers and operating systems help users by showing warning messages to avoid unsigned software.

To avoid unwanted warning messages and maintain your brand reputation, you’ll need to sign your JAR files and applications using a Java code signing certificate. Java code signing certificates provided by certificate authorities like Sectigo allow signing all types of JAR files, java applications, and applets, which helps users in knowing that application is coming from a trusted source, it’s intact and hasn’t been tampered with since its signing. Using a Java code signing certificate means your users won’t see any ugly warning messages like “Application Blocked by Java Security”.

Features of Java Code Signing Certificates

  • Signing JAR files and applications helps in removing security warning messages like “Publisher authenticity cannot be verified. “
  • Timestamping service to keep signed files valid even after the expiration of your Java code signing certificate.
  • Unlimited signing of apps and JAR files.
  • Uses a robust SHA-2 hash algorithm at the time of signing files and applications.
  • Helps to verify your company’s identity according to the policies of the CA (Certificate Authority).

The Integrity of Your Application

By signing JAR files, applets, and applications using a Java code signing certificate provided by respected certificate authority like Sectigo, a unique hash value is generated, which is later re-hashed by your user’s OS/browser. If it generates the identical hash value, then this proves to users that the integrity of your application is intact, and it hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.


Avoid Unwanted Warnings

It’s the biggest turnoff when the user tries downloading your application, and they get scary warning messages instead of moving ahead in a smooth download or installation process. By signing JAR files, applets, and applications with Java code signing certificate, you can rest assured that users won’t see any warning message, which makes them run away instead of trusting and downloading or installing your application.

Authenticity of Identity

Before the Java code signing certificate gets issued to you, you’re required to go through a specific verification process, which takes around 1-5 business days. This verification process done by certificate authorities like Comodo includes information regarding your organization like physical address, registration details, phone number, and others, which indicates your company is genuine.


Trust & Assurance

If no one trusts your application, it’ll be of no use, no matter how good it is. By signing software using a code signing certificate, you give assurance to users that it’s coming from a trusted source. Also, internet users are aware that nowadays, security threats are prevalent, and they assume that a warning message means there’s something wrong with the file they’re downloading. So, signing JAR files and Java-based applications using a code signing certificate will prove beneficial as it’ll help in boosting your user’s trust by avoiding warning messages during download/installation.


Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.



Windows 7, 8 & 10

Adobe Air

Applications of Adobe Air

Java Applets

Java Applets

Object files of Mozilla

Object files of Mozilla

Microsoft software

Microsoft software formats including 32 & 64 bit like

  • Kernel Software
  • XAF Files
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications

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