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Here’s a Quick Guide to Generate a CSR for Getting an Adobe Code Signing Certificate Issued

If you’re a web developer or an organization that builds applications using Adobe Air – a cross-platform runtime system used for developing desktop and mobile applications, you’ll need an Adobe Code Signing Certificate to avoid certain security warnings. You can get a code signing certificate offered by a trusted brand name Certificate Authority (like Comodo), and use it to digitally sign your software before publication. To get your Adobe Code Signing Certificate, you’ll need to go through a certain process that starts with generating a certificate signing request (CSR).

Similar to a SSL/TLS certificate, a Code Signing Certificate process also requires CSR generation. The CSR allows CAs to collect information about you and your organization, which they’ll use to verify you’re what you say you’re. The CSR process also generates the public/private key pair you’ll use for signing your software later.

generate csr for adobe code signing

Here’s How to Generate a CSR for an Adobe Code Signing Certificate

To generate a CSR for your Adobe Code Signing certificate, go through the below steps:

  • Download DigiCert Certificate Utility tool
  • Select the Code Signing option from the left side and click on the “create CSR” button.
  • Enter all the asked information.
  • Now, go to the website where you’ve purchased your Adobe code signing certificate from and log in.
  • Go to the details of the certificate and click the button – Generate Certificate.
  • Submit all the required details, including your new CSR.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Once you press the Submit button, it’ll directly sent to the CA from whom you’ve purchased the certificate.

Once the above steps are completed, you’ll get an order number and you’ll be requested to validate your code signing certificate before its issuance. You’ll need to follow the Certificate Authority’s validation process guidelines—they’ll ask you for information regarding you as well as your organization to prove that you’re a legal entity (for instance, registration details of your organization).

The entire process of getting an Adobe code signing certificate issued will take around 1 to 5 business days, depending upon how fast you provide all the required information.

Lastly, once the information is verified and the validation step gets completed, the CA will issue and send you the requested code signing certificate to your registered email address. And after that, all you’ve to do will be to download your code signing certificate, combine it with the private key (created during the CSR process) and start using it to sign your code.


Be sure that you’re using the same browser and computer used for the CSR generation process. This is important because the private key is stored on the computer you used to generate a CSR.


No matter from whom you purchase your certificate, the basic process will be the same. You’ll have to purchase a code signing certificate, generate a CSR, provide all the required information according to the required vetting process of the CA, and then finally get your code signing certificate issued.