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Deliver Your Code More Confidently to Customers of Leading Microsoft Platforms

CodeSigningStore.com is one of the leading global providers of Code Signing Certificates from the industry’s best Certificate Authorities, like DigiCert, Comodo/Sectigo, and Thawte. If you’re a publisher or developer who makes software and applications for Microsoft platforms, or you’re seeking a code signing certification for Microsoft Windows® Logo programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or Microsoft Azure here you will find some of the best offers on Code Signing Certificates anywhere on the internet.

For the Developers of Microsoft Windows 8

If you’re developing software and applications for Windows 8, an Extended Validated (EV) Code Signing Certificate will be the best option to go with as it monitors the integrity of your applications and offers an immediate reputation boost in Windows SmartScreen, which gives a frictionless experience to customers.

For the Developers of Microsoft Desktop

If you’re one of those developers who develop for Microsoft Azure cloud environment or use ActiveX controls, plug-ins, or other executable files, Code Signing Certificates are one of the best options to prevent any users from cancelling their download after being faced with a warning or alert.

For the Developers of Microsoft Office & VBA

If you’re a publisher or developer who uses VBA macros, add-ins and other types of executables you might be aware that Microsoft Office and other programs that come across VBA macros look for digital signatures, which should be from a trusted party. Additionally, the user may even experience security warnings depending upon the software version, and sometimes, due to strict security settings, the program may even fail to load. To overcome such situations, as a developer you should use Code Signing Certificates.

For the Developers of Xbox 360 & Windows Phone

If you are a developer of mobile applications for Xbox 360, it’s recommended, or let’s say it’s mandatory, that your applications come signed with a Code Signing Certificate issued from a trusted Certificate Authority like DigiCert, who is also the exclusive provider for Microsoft’s App Hub service. Additionally, the main benefit it gives is that your application will be trusted, which will help in expanding its distribution.

Microsoft Windows Logo Programs

Code Signing Certificates give proof that your applications works with Microsoft Windows Logo Programs, which ultimately helps to increase the distribution rate as well as its visibility.

Apart from this, Code Signing Certificates are also called as Software Publisher Certificate. They offer the added benefits of authentication, which helps users to stay sure that software or code is coming from a trusted source. That helps in preserving your business reputation and intellectual property. Also, seamless integration as the majority of web-browsers do not allow users to download or may show warning signs if the software or an application is not signed.