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A code signing certificate is a valuable tool used by software developers during their software development cycle. No matter how good your code is or how secure your software or applications are, if you haven’t signed it using a trusted code signing certificate, it’s likely to struggle.

Code signing certificates provided by respected certificate authorities are multipurpose and can be used by software developers in various ways. Whether you’re an individual developer or developer working in an organization, code signing certificates are compatible with various technologies. For instance, developers creating apps and software using Adobe AIR, Java, Microsoft Silverlight, or Microsoft Office & VBA, can all sign their apps using code signing certificates. This helps prevent those pesky warning messages that make users run away, and lets users know that the software or application they’re about to download or install is coming from a trusted source and hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.

Similar to other X.509 certificates, globally-trusted certificate authorities also provide code signing certificates. If you’re not sure from whom to purchase, who will offer you the best service, or whether it’ll be compatible with the technology you’re using…we’ll list some of the best code signing certificate providers according to the technology you use:

Individual Code Signing Certificates

For software developers who work individually and who are not connected with any organization, certificate authorities like Comodo offer a special individual code signing certificate, which can be used by individuals. Similar to other code signing certificates, it does the same thing of signing your application to prevent users from warning messages and using an individual code signing certificate, you’ll be able to ensure software integrity as an individual developer.

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

For a software developer who uses Microsoft Authenticode for creating apps and software on Windows, then they’ll require a code signing certificate that’s compatible with Microsoft Authenticode. These certificates can be used for signing important file formats like, .exe, .cab, .xpi, .dll, & Active X controls. See the Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificates we recommend that’ll help you sign as well as prove your authenticity as a trusted developer.

Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificates

For software developers who develop applications and software using Adobe AIR technology, they need a trusted code signing certificate from the reputable certificate authority like Sectigo for signing their AIR files (like .air or .airi). It helps to prove to users that the software publisher or a developer is a trusted source while preventing users from seeing unwanted warning messages that create doubt and hesitation.

Windows 8 & 10 Code Signing Certificates

The Microsoft Windows operating system is the most widely used operating system throughout the globe. If you’re one of the countless software developers who makes software for the Windows operating system, then a code signing certificate for Windows 8 & 10 is not something you should overlook. It’ll help you in many ways, such as boosting user confidence by preventing them from facing a warning message.

Microsoft Office & VBA Code Signing Certificates

If you’re one of those who make use of this Microsoft VBA technology and are wondering how to secure your macros, scripts, and other codes to prevent users from seeing any security warning messages, then don’t worry–we’ve got a solution. Here, we list the code signing certificate providers who offer compatibility with Microsoft Office and VBA, which is useful for preventing those pesky warning messages, which helps in proving your authenticity.

Java Code Signing Certificates

If you’re a developer who works in Java for developing desktop and mobile applications, you might know how important it is to sign your code and applications. It helps you prove your identity as a genuine developer and prevents warning messages that make users doubt the authenticity of the software. Here, we’ve got code signing certificates provided by respected certificate authorities, which will help to sign your JAR files and applications while proving your identity.

Microsoft Silverlight Code Signing Certificates

Are you a developer who’s looking for a code signing certificate that supports Silverlight framework? See our list of trusted certificate authorities that support technologies like Silverlight. It’ll help you sign applications, and it’ll also provide trust and authenticity by preventing security warning messages. It helps in boosting users’ confidence by showing your identity, which proves the application they’re downloading isn’t tampered with since its signing, and it’s safe to use.

Digitally Sign Applications & Software Made Using Different Technologies

Regardless of what you use to create an application–Java, Adobe Air, Microsoft Authenticode, or others–the signing of those applications is very important. In today’s technology-driven world, users are aware of the prevalent security threats, and no one wants to take the risk of using an application or software if they doubt the authenticity.

If you’re a software developer or a publisher who’s looking to publish application or software over the internet, we offer code signing certificates from trusted certificate authorities. It helps by giving assurance to users that your software or code which they’re about to download or install is from a trusted source, and it’s safe to use.

Genuineness of Software Is Important

Users’ trust in the software developer or publisher is important. It’s a deciding factor, whether software or application you’re distributing over the internet will be successful or not. Code signing certificate has a unique ability, which helps in achieving this trust factor by preventing warning messages as well as ensuring that software is from a legit vendor.

Extended Validated, or Organization Validated: Not Sure Which One to Select

Once you decide which platform you require code signing certificate for, another important decision that needs to be made is about what validation type you’ll require. Two validation levels are offered – Extended Validated and Organization Validated code signing certificates. Now, which one will work best for you depends upon your requirements and budget. To learn more about this, you can read through this post, which has detailed information about it and how they differ from each other.

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