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A Code Signing Certificate is a type of digital certificate that is used across all the major platforms to provide security, authentication, and guaranteed identity for executables, software, code, and scripts. In other words, a Code Signing certificate is used to confirm to users that the application or any other script that they are downloading from the internet is coming from the original party and that it will not harm their computer. No matter whether the platform is Windows, OS X, iOS, Java, Adobe AIR, Android, or any other, code signing is one of the multi-platform solutions that is used & encouraged as best practice.

Generally, Code Signing is used for different file formats, like:

  • Apple Software
  • .jar files
  • Patches for Software or Windows Applications
  • .airi or .air files
  • Moreover, other executable files

Platforms Which Uses Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Supported Platfroms

Software Signature

It uses code signing through asymmetric cryptography for securing and transferring data online.

Code Signing for C#

Code Signing is possible in Visual C# through the strong name. It offers a unique signed code. It’s part of the process, where a software developer deploys the file through the sn.exe tool with the help of signcheck tool printing “Strong Name: Signed” and it will work as a signature.

Code Signing for Visual Studio

Code Signing is quite helpful when someone wants to sign assemblies.

Windows Platform

Mostly executables can be signed with the help of a digital signature. To mark the file as secured in the Windows platform it’s mandatory to use a Code Signing Certificate from a trusted certificate authority such as Comodo.

Code Signing for iOS

It’s essential to use Code Signing when the application is to be published in the App Store, which is possible with the help of XCode. The purpose is to let iOS users know who made the software and to provide surety that the software is intact and not altered since it’s signed.

Code Signing using XCode

To achieve assurance of security for any application code signing is used and in iOS, it’s made using XCode. As in iOS, before uploading, approving, or integrating any application on iTunes stores, a valid Apple Developer ID along with an accurate profile or development certificate is mandatory, ultimately helping an application to run on devices.