Internet Safety for Kids & Teens

Chapter 8: Downloadable Resources 

for Kids & Teens

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Parents and teachers: Are you looking for a great list of downloadable resources that you can give out to children and teenagers? Then look no further. These helpful cheat sheets will provide them with some quick and helpful hackers for staying safe and keeping their information safe online.

    A Kids’ and Teens’ Guide for Staying Safe Online

    This downloadable PDF resource for children and teenagers outlines 20 things they should and should not do online.

      Dos and Donts of Internet Safety printout

      10 Tips for Safe Online Downloads

      This PDF is geared for kids and teenagers alike and provides details about what they can do to stay safe when downloading content on the internet.

        10 tips for safe downloads printout

        41 Ways to Uncover the Truth of Someone’s Digital Identity

        This PDF is a checklist for teenagers who want to learn how to determine an organization’s digital identity to help them stay safe online.

          41 Ways to Uncover the Truth of Someone's Digital Identity Printout

          Explore each of the topics below to glean both expert advice
          and tips for how to talk to your kids and students

          Chapter 1:
          Cyber Threats to Kids/Teens

          Learn what goes "bump in the night" —er, on the web. We'll cover the common cyber threats that target or affect kids & teens.

          Chapter 4:
          Talking About Cyber Threats

          Discover how to approach difficult topics and conversations with your kids and teens about cyber threats.

          Chapter 7:
          Educational Resources

          Check out our collection of resources for parents/teachers who want to educate kids & teens about cyber threats.

          Chapter 2:
          Identity Hiding Tactics

          Explore several of the tactics that predators and other cybercriminals use to hide or mask their identities online.

          Chapter 5:
          “How Tos” of Internet Safety

          Explores how kids & teens can stay safe when browsing the web and using email, social media, chat & applications.

          Chapter 8:
          Downloadable Resources

          Looking for additional resources you can download and hand out that speak directly to kids & teens? We’ve got you covered.

          Chapter 3:
          Discover Digital Identity

          Knowing about a person or organization’s digital identity helps you stay safe on the web. Here’s what to know…

          Chapter 6:
          Internet Safety Tips

          Looking for some great & helpful tips that you can share with your kids, teens, and students? Look no further…

          Chapter 9:
          Internet Safety Statistics

          Check out our collection of relevant statistics (and their sources) on cyber threats to kids & teens that you can use.