Thawte Code Signing Certificate

Secure your Software with One of the Most Trusted & Powerful Certificates

Thawte Code Signing Certificate allows bringing your product to market with ease and unmatched value. If you’re looking for a comprehensive & cost-effective technology to offer your software, drivers, code, files, scripts, applications and firmware securely, this digital certificate can help you achieve with its combination of public key infrastructure and digital certificates which is used for signing program files and help users identify and verify the publisher of the software.

Also, Thawte Code Signing supports a wide range of platforms while offering world-class certification process which increases the adaptation of online sales and downloadable software as well.

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Get Warranty

Get Warranty

Get up to $50,000 warranty
Unlimited File Signing

Unlimited Signing

Sign your codes, executables and other essential files for an unlimited number of times
Reduce Cost of Maintaining Code

Reduce Cost of Maintaining Code

Helps in reducing the maintenance cost as it offers free timestamping

Features & Benefits

It offers some of the unique features and benefits like assurance & authenticity to customers and support with multiple platforms.

Customer Assurance

Reassures your customers that the integrity of downloaded code is not tampered.

Preinstalled Root Certificates

Gives customers confidence that your code has come from a trusted party, which helps increase the reputation of the business.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

It gives free timestamping which reduces the cost of maintaining codes.

Seamless Integration with Industry-Standard Technology

Thawte comes with latest industry standards that are recognized by popular web browsers and makes them one of the trusted certificate authorities.

Compatibility & Support

Compatible and supported by various platforms and browsers including as Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe Air, Apple applications & its plug-ins, Java applets, and many more.

Digitally Signed Executables (32-bit & 64-bit both)

Signs executables files like .exe, .msi, .dll, .cab and many more with an ease

Assurance & Authenticity

Thawte Code Signing Certificate builds upon two things, public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature technology which gives ease in confirming the identity of the software publisher and verifies the integrity of the code. Apart from this, Thawte Root certificates come pre-installed on several run-time systems and web-browsers, which gives the flexibility for safeguarding the code and content on major platforms utilized by your partners and customers.

Note: To download this certificate you must have Compatible Web Browser Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer& the same computer must be used to generate the certificate complete the download process.

Supported Platforms


Windows 7, 8 & 10


Java Applets like .jar files & Java applications for desktop and mobile devices


Microsoft VBA objects & Microsoft Authenticode files such as .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi & .xap files

Adobe Air

Adobe air files & Air based applications

Why Choose Thawte

Thawte is one of the leading Certificate Authorities offering online security trusted by millions around the globe. In regards with a long history of boosting the trust & security of websites since 1995 and issuing more than 900,000 SSL/TLS Certificates and robust authentication practices, you can say that it’s the best value for code signing certificates.
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How THAWTE Code Signing Certificates work?

How do Code Signing Certificates work?


Email response took some extra time, but the telephonic support was awesome. They give the perfect solution to get rid of the issue where I was stuck, Cheers to the team!
Cameron Lucas